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Gamification Solutions for STEM Education

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Education for centuries has been dull and rigid, but why wouldn’t it?

Learning is not playing, there’s not much fun in it. Unless learning is merged with playing, that’s when learning becomes more fun and creates more interest.

However, for STEM subjects, there are more versatile and innovative solutions than ever.

Virtual Gallery Tour Solutions

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Having gone through the year of 2020, gallery owners should have learnt one crucial lesson, simply having in-person visitors is not enough for the gallery to grow.

Virtual Reality Development Services and Solutions

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If you are looking for a VR Development firm to deliver your project, let's schedule a meeting. If this is the first time you ever consider finding a VR Solution to solve a problem in your business, we provide free consultations with customized solutions proposed just to you.

VR as a Business Solution to help your business innovate, grow, scale and expand

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Nowadays, we are at the edge of a new tech revolution that will change the way we look at the business environment and ecosystem. In the middle of this tech revolution, VR technology is making a difference. VR has revolutionized healthcare, architecture, design, and wearable application development companies.

How Virtual Reality transform learning and training experiences

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Studies have shown that 60 to 70 million people will endeavor to work from home during the pandemic in the US alone. Remote working will be an expanding culture of our society, and businesses are looking for innovative ways to train their team members. They are also making another effort to recreate the "sense of community and togetherness" of in-person workspaces.

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How to Sideload VR Apps to Oculus Quest? (2021 Guide)

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For VR Developers who develop VR apps for Oculus Quest, testing the VR apps you developed on the devices is the best way to figure out where works perfectly and where doesn't work properly. Here is the simple guide to side load the VR apps on Oculus Quest.

How to take 360 degree photos for exhibitions? (2021 Guide)

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Take 360 degree photos for galleries, exhibitions, museums, real estate, and more show rooms, for VR, app and web development.
Build immersive experience with 360 degree photos.
This guide will take you 2-3 minutes to take 360 degree photos.

Innovative Business Solutions

Learn how these innovative gamification solutions help your business grow to the next stage

Gamification Solutions: Henesys Studio Launch World-Class Services

Launching in July of 2020, Henesys Studio is a software design and development studio with a difference.

  • Tommy Xu
  • November 14, 2021

Every Early Education Business Needs Gamification Solutions

Grab your students’ attention with functional yet fun gamification software.

  • Rachel Jackson
  • December 8,2021
virtual 360 gallery tour

Virtual Galleries - The Best Way to Expand Gallery And Exhibition Businesses

Increase your exposure with virtual gallery tour solutions.

  • Rachel Jackson
  • November 2,2021
Web/App Design

Outsourcing Web/App UI Design is the Best Way to Boost US Businesses Post-Covid

Time is precious – let us spare yours!

  • Rachel Jackson
  • November 4,2021