How to sideload apps on Oculus Quest? (2021)

How to sideload VR apps to your Oculus Quest to test?

First and foremost, based on our long experience of developing Virtual Reality apps for our clients, we found that SideQuest, a third-party software, is the best and easiest option for VR Developers or anyone who wants to sideload VR apps to their Oculus Quest headset.

Download here -> Side Quest Download

Step-By-Step Guide

Side Quest Download
Obtain APK
If you are a Unity Developer, you can obtain the .apk build from Unity export window. If you are a regular Oculus user, make sure it is in computer
Go to the Oculus app on your phone which is connected to your Oculus Quest headset, and go to settings, turn on Developer Mode.
Start the SideQuest app on desktop, while the Oculus Quest headset is connected to the computer, on the top right corner of the app, click the icon of "3 lines", drag the .apk file to the window, the app will be automatically installed on the connected Oculus Quest
Start the App
Put on the Oculus Quest headset, and go to Apps -> Unknown Sources, the app just installed should be in the list.

If there is an issue in any of the steps above, it might be as simple as your forgot to confirm connection with the laptop in the Oculus Quest. Otherwise please send us a message or email so we can help you .

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