How to take 360 degree photos on your phone for virtual tours? (2021)

Take 360 degree photos to build immersive walk-through virtual tours

To develop a walk-through virtual tour experience for a showroom, gallery, museum, or real estate, having 360 degree panoramic photos can be necessary.
If you are looking to build custom virtual tours by utilizing 360 degree photos, you may contact us with a request by using the chatbox on the right bottom of the website.

Download here -> Google Street App


Download Google Street View App on the Phone
Start App
Click the yellow camera icon on the bottom right
Take Photo
Click Take photo sphere
Point to each white circle to take picture for every possible angle in the entire environment, while standing still and holding the phone at the same location
After taking photo for every possible angle as suggested in the scanning process, the app will combine all the photos into one 360 degree panoramic photo, the algorithm will clean out the misplacement of the photos.

If the produced 360 degree picture looks blurry, or has many misplacements after the final processing, the reason often can be you have been moving your standing position during the scanning process, or your hand has been moving position quite often, which results in the potision of the phone was in a constant change. If these tips still can't help you, please send us a message or email so we can help you .

Henesys Studio is an Software Design & Development company, we provide services to businesses, let us know if you are looking for a software company to build your 360 degree virtual tours.

If you have any questions about how you can build virtual tours for your company, don't hesitate to contact us . Our team will help you to have fair use of VR in your business.