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Having gone through the year of 2020, gallery owners should have learnt one crucial lesson: simply having in-person visitors is not enough for their gallery to grow.

Luckily, with the advancement of technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and game technology, there are now more robust solutions for galleries than ever.

Virtual Gallery Tour Solution


Automation is one of the greatest methods to boost client conversion and increase sales without too much overhead in any business. But how does automation work for galleries?

One great inspiration of automating a touring experience can be drawn from the evergreen and currently heating real estate industry.

Many top-tier real estate websites, such as,, and, have integrated self-tour systems to allow their clients to experience the property by walking through a series of 360-degree panoramic photos.

In such an automated walk-through experience, the potential clients are able to grasp a sense of how the property is like before making further actions on whether or not to give an in-person visit. It has certainly become a significant part of the sales funnel of real estate businesses.


For private galleries that are operating on revenue from sales of the artworks, the host fee of artists, or art exhibitions, in order to gain more online visitors with a similar automation virtual tool. Typically, there are 2 main paths to build virtual galleries.

360 Degree Panoramic Tour

 360 Degree Panoramic Gallery Tour

First, building a touring experience with a series of 360-degree panoramic photos taken at multiple standpoints, similar to real estate website touring experiences, is the most affordable virtual gallery solution.

To build it, first, take a collection of 360 panoramic photos with a 360-degree camera, or use this easy method

With these panoramic photos, we will be able to build a walk-through tour just like the ones you normally see on the real estate website.

Our deliverable will be a web app that can be hosted as a website, or integrated into your existing website.

Pricing will be a simple plan based on how many panoramic pictures you desire to integrate. A standard package would include a collection of 20 panoramic pictures and cost $1,000.

Immersive Virtual Gallery Tour

Immersive Virtual Gallery Tour

The most immersive virtual tour would be to actually build a 3D environment like the image above, and host the paintings supplied by the gallery owners by putting them in the template frames.

This solution is more advanced in the way that it provides a far more immersive touring experience than a standpoints-based tour of a series of 360-degree panoramic photos.

The uniqueness of this solution is that the online visitors can actually walk around the gallery freely, because it is essentially a 3D open world first-person-view experience.

This allows visitors to immerse themselves in a virtual environment that resembles the real world, so that they can have a much more realistic sense of how the art is going to look like.


More Visitors

For any private gallery that relies on hosting art events, selling arts, and exhibiting paintings to generate revenue, a virtual gallery touring experience allows the galleries to expand their reach to anyone in the world with internet connection.

With more visitors, the gallery owners have greater flexibility to find better ways to monetize the increased traffic. Traffic revenue is the goal for most businesses.

Online Art Sales Funnels

The sales process of paintings is made easy by allowing the potential buyers to experience the artworks in a realistic virtual experience.

For many art buyers, a major concern to deter the purchasing decision is that the buyers are not able to grasp a sense of how the paintings will look in their home, office, or wherever they intend to exhibit the piece of art in.

A realistic virtual gallery tour allows the buyer to understand the size of the paintings, and determine if the art style fits the environment they intend to exhibit the paintings in.

An online virtual gallery is a great and effective tool to build an automated sales process of your arts, host your gallery for remote visitors, and exhibit your paintings online.

Defy Geography Restrictions

The greatest limit for an on-the-ground business is the geographical location. Certainly, you can’t easily build more galleries elsewhere to reach more in-person visitors. But with a custom-made virtual gallery solution, you are able to expand to anywhere, anytime.

You are no longer limited by your location; rather, you can be everywhere. By purchasing ads on Google or Facebook, you will be able to reach new audiences and get clicks from any desirable markets.

Virtual Gallery Tour

How Can We Help You?

Build Custom Virtual Gallery

With our design and development expertise, we can build a custom gallery based on your gallery and use the art you provide.

As explained thoroughly above, the custom gallery can be either a 360-degree panoramic tour, or a first-person virtual gallery touring program. Each provides a different set of advantages and disadvantages.

Upcoming Virtual Gallery Product

Here is more exciting news. To better serve gallery owners, we are in the process of developing a brand-new virtual gallery Saas (Software as a service) product, which automates the process of building an advanced first-person-view virtual gallery.

The process of building a gallery would take these few steps:

  1. Register account and select subscription
  2. Pick the gallery environment
  3. Upload the paintings
  4. Assign the paintings to each frame location
  5. Publish the gallery and obtain a public access code
  6. Share the gallery link to reach new visitors
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Contact us by sending an email inquiry to if you are interested in building a custom gallery tour solution, or if you have questions about our pricing or upcoming virtual gallery tour app.