VR as a Business Solution

How can Virtual Reality (VR) help small businesses to overcome the lockdown challenges and grow more?

Nowadays, we are at the edge of a new tech revolution that will change the way we look at the business environment and ecosystem. In the middle of this tech revolution, VR technology is making a difference. VR has revolutionized healthcare, architecture, design, and wearable application development companies, especially in the USA.

Even before the spread of COVID-19, the VR market was predicted to grow by around 79% the last year. Right now, small business owners should start thinking about how VR can help connect with staff and clients while still maintaining social distancing.

How can VR help small enterprises to overcome lockdown challenges?

COVID-19 pandemic canceled many concerts, conferences, museums, and activities everywhere in the world. Companies responded by doing business online to keep clients engaged and continuing to generate profit.

VR can help small businesses operate more efficiently during the lockdown. VR is entirely immersive. Anyone who puts on a VR headset enters a new "world" surrounded by virtual objects on a screen. Beyond entertainment purposes, it has way more practical implications. For example, surgeons can use VR to plan a complicated operation, or it can be used to train soldiers for combat scenarios.

VR makes online meetings more meaningful. Anyone can have separate conversations with the members depending on where they stand in the room, just like in real life. VR will undoubtedly be a great way to reduce the amount of travel required for a business. With customized interactive VR environments, training sessions will be way more effective than remote training. Henesys3D has built a training VR app for sewage workers and helped construction student researchers build the Oculus Go app to facilitate their learning

VR is also an excellent option for improving product development. Any business can design a new product or test out a VR store layout, asking customers for feedback before fine-tuning and replicating the real-world design. A company can have VR environments for rapid product design and prototyping or simulations for manufacturing and production processes. VR provides immersive simulations for testing and troubleshooting.

VR provides a new way for businesses to reach their clients. Through VR, anyone can host an event that anyone in the world can attend. If you are a restaurant owner, you can set up a virtual dining room for clients ordering delivery food. In this way, your clients can have dinner with their friends, all while honoring social distancing.

To understand better, let's take a few real examples.

Virtual tours

Let's say that you are a real estate agent showing houses to potential clients. Your clients may be in a different state, don't want to spend time going from their place to the home they want to see, or can't go out due to the pandemic. VR will allow your customers to see what the property looks like in a 3D setting without them having to be there.

Showing all the angles of a product

To convince buyers into making a purchase, you must first give them an idea of what your product looks like. Usually, people need to see as many angles as possible before purchasing. With VR, your clients can see your product without touching it. Also, it allows customers to see a product in action. Shoppers can thoroughly examine a product before purchasing it.

In Person Tutors

Let's suppose that you are a rock climbing tutor, and the government shuts down your company. This kind of training is impossible to operate online. You can implement a VR Rock Climbing training program with a rock wall and grab a point, text descriptions, or audio recordings on how to hold and use force correctly in the scene. It can be a step by step experience and a quiz to test the trainees' knowledge. In this way, you can continue your business and make tremendous profits.

Galleries, Museums and Boutique Shops

Henesys3D can replicate a traditionally in-person business into a VR experience. We can combine specific locations with interactive experiences and needed information. The museum's rules usually forbid touching anything, so this app provides a user with additional information and a closer look at the exhibit. It can even make a museum experience more interesting for kids; this way, they can play, learn, and be safe from Coronavirus at the same time. We have build a replicate of the real Mozart birth home for one of our clients into a VR experience with Oculus Quest. We can do the same for you, so you don't have to shut down your operations.

Now more than ever, small businesses must embrace VR tech solutions in their business processes to get better profits and better returns. But it is not just to survive the pandemic; VR will also play a significant role in small business post-pandemic plans .

VR will provide small businesses with a method to reach tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Whether a company wants to embrace new digital tools or is ready to implement new technologies, we feel VR is a solution that every small business must invest in. Why? Because VR is the investment that will give enterprises earning profits for more than 50 years. If done correctly, VR has the potential to take the small- and mid-sized business to the next level.

If you have any questions about how you can mesh VR with your company, don't hesitate to contact us . The Henesys3D team will help you to have fair use of VR in your business.