How Henesys Studio’s virtual reality applications can help you to scale and expand your business on a budget

Businesses are struggling to adapt to new COVID-19 regulations. Now virtual reality is playing an essential role in helping businesses to compete during the pandemic. And Elon Musk’s Starlink project may seem a Bond villain plot, but it means businesses will be able to train workers even in remote areas.

Businesses are increasingly turning to virtual reality to train their workers.

In a recent article written by Jeremy Bailenson for the Harvard Business Review, he asked a relatively straightforward question: Is virtual reality (or VR) the future of corporate training?

With VR playing an increasingly ubiquitous role in our lives, and the cost of the medium plummeting, it’s quickly becoming one of the most affordable options for training skilled workers anywhere in the world. From the cold climate of Quebec City down to the sandy beaches of Sydney, you’ll be able to train staff using tailor-made virtual reality simulations that teach essential skills—skills that typically would otherwise have been learned through valuable on-the-job training. Bailenson said it best when he wrote, “Soldiers, surgeons, and astronauts have trained for decades in virtual reality (VR).” Now, if it’s good enough for airline pilots, field medics, and even astronauts at NASA, then it’s certainly advantageous for small businesses, government agencies and corporations to pivot—before they are left in the dust by competitors taking advantage of VR as an affordable business solution.

How can we make a tailor-made virtual reality solution that suits your needs?

At Henesys Studio, we specialise in helping businesses and agencies to provide their employees with immersive experiences in which they can receive training for soft skills and expand their technical expertise. These experiences replicate the work environment and benefit from gamification, which makes learning in a safe environment fun; and, importantly, training can be done anywhere in the world—or from the comfort of your home—and without a room full of people. We have created, for example, games to facilitate math education. Notably, parent stress has risen due to mandatory home schooling in many countries, as reported by The Guardian; many of these parents, however, would understand the benefit of using virtual reality to facilitate math education, as it reduces their workload and anxiety.

Parents around the world are joining the revolution in learning. Because VR is trusted by leading education companies and top schools, as we have seen in e-education, people are quickly becoming aware of the benefits of VR for children, but the potential benefit of VR for adults is even greater. Virtual reality is already revolutionising the education industry through immersive learning and gasified education, but there is a great deal more that can be donel in other areas—remote training, remote work, and VR for small, medium or large businesses.

This handmade prototype headset is for one of the first “virtual reality” displays ever built. Developed in 1985 by Jim Humphries and Mike McGreevy at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, the system created a computer-generated image of what a pilot might see during an actual flight. Source: Wikipedia

However, parents are not the only ones dealing with an increased workload and anxiety. We have created VR solutions to help businesses navigate the difficulties surrounding remote worker training. Perhaps one fo the most economical solutions to remote work training is VR, as it means you can train create inexpensive and targeted simulations that meet the ever-changing needs of your specific industry.

For many, it’s easy to imagine the use of VR simulations in training workers to do procedural tasks, tasks which often involve expensive infrastructure and machinery, such as with sewage and sanitation, power grids, and agriculture; but, let’s consider what Amanda Stutt wrote in 2020: “[VR has practical applications in training] miners for real-life blasting experiences often involves taking workers up to 3,000 feet underground, and actual training can be tedious, costly, and dangerous.”

A U.S. soldier being prepared to use a ground combat training virtual reality headset at Fort Stewart in 2013 Source: Wikipedia

Whether you’re cutting costs by simulating dangerous work being done 3,000 feet, or training cardiac surgeons through virtual heart surgeries, Henesys Studio can create a tailor-made solution that suits you and your business.

The giant bucket-wheel excavators in the German Rhineland coal mines are among the world's biggest land vehicles. It’s in these dangerous and

high-stakes work environments that virtual reality is particularly useful. Source: Wikipedia

How can join the growing list of companies taking advantage of VR?

As early as July of 2020, CNBC was predicting that “Virtual reality used within businesses is forecasted to grow from $829 million in 2018 to $4.26 billion in 2023.” At Henesys Studio, we are optimistic that we will be able to help you to scale your business and expand; with virtual reality, your projects can be location independent, and your business activities don’t have to be restricted by geography. As SpaceX prepares to double Starlink satellite internet speeds later this year, the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to where you can do train your workers and do business; and, if even you don’t have an internet connection, you can always use solid state or local storage solutions with your VR headset. If you’re not familiar with ‘solid state drives’, IoT and ‘cloud storage’, then rest assured because your business is in trusted hands at Henesys Studio. Many businesses are looking to outsource their technological know-how and IT, which is why Squarespace and consulting companies have done so well, but this can often mean higher costs or poor service. Because we’re serious about helping our clients to take advantage of emerging technologies and affordable business solutions, you’ll find the digital gap to be far less intimidating on the road to scalability.

60 Starlink satellites stacked together before deployment on 24 May 2019. Source: Wikipedia

What can businesses do as we face a rocky road ahead with the pandemic?

For example, a local rock climbing trainer who usually teaches trainees how to rock climb in at his local rock wall can now work remotely; he can document and record his climbs at local spots around the country, which can then be used in a number of different applications—meaning he can be anywhere and everywhere

With virtual reality, the traditional barriers to scaling your business fade away, and with our help you’ll be able to blend the line between leisure and work while making your now global business a reality at scale.

Rock climbing tutorials as proceduralized VR application with guidance in the form of texts and audio. They can sell to anyone—anywhere, and scale their business in spite of the pandemic.

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