VR Applications in Education & Training Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) in the era of remote working and learning

Studies have shown that 60 to 70 million people will endeavor to work from home during the pandemic in the US alone. Remote working will be an expanding culture of our society, and businesses are looking for innovative ways to train their team members. They are also making another effort to recreate the "sense of community and togetherness" of in-person workspaces.

Among many tools that technology provides, VR allows for an immense experience, unlike any other, because in VR, "matter" does not matter. Nowadays, you can bring team members together into one virtual space no matter their location. Employees can still get the "behind the wheel" experience of instructor-led training in person, just virtually. With VR headsets, such as Oculus Quest 2 or HTC Vive Cosmos, and hands-on controls, employees can continue learning and practicing tactile work that involves more effort than sitting in front of a computer.

Remote working and online training challenges

VR is the best way to overcome many challenges that remote working presents to businesses and employees. When it comes to individuals, isolation is one of the most difficult challenges. The lack of social interactivity can influence people negatively. Another problem that many studies show is team communication. Managers can not give instant feedback on employees, and brainstorming meetings are not effectively possible anymore. Productivity and collaboration are other challenges to consider also. Although there are many communication technologies, workers find it hard to share their ideas and collaborate efficiently.

VR platforms offer a solution to every problem.

A VR platform can help ease the isolation issue giving employees the office buzz they crave and thrive in. By utilizing a VR platform, a distributed team can effectively point and show what they mean instead of wasting valuable time explaining and even pulling out props and objects for reference to get instant feedback. The clunky act of brainstorming, working from home collaboration, training, and meeting will be significantly less problematic.

VR training can be provided for entire organizations, large or small, and within varying fields and industries, including construction, manufacturing, and energy and utilities.

VR training and other VR applications are outstanding innovations. However, VR technology does not stop surprising us as it is continually sophisticating. Companies can now overcome remote working and online training hurdles through the right VR content distribution platform. For example, VR can simulate live working conditions, giving employees in industries like health care and manufacturing to train in a risk-free environment.

Expand your VR possibilities with Henesys3D

Henesys3D collaborated with Immersion 360 to bring a VR training and knowledge testing app for sewers, which was cost-effective and productive. That's because once we built the app, sewers can repeat training anywhere and anytime, without additional costs. With a VR content distribution system in place, you only need the trainers and trainees. You can skip extraordinary expenses like lodging, individual travel, and even spatial considerations. We have also helped construction student researchers build the Oculus Go app to facilitate their learning.

In the same way, we can help you no matter what sector your company operates in. What do you need to do? It is simple. Just contact our well-experienced and efficient team, and tell us what you need. We have no doubts that VR will be the most effective way for people to work and connect. By eliminating the real world's restrictions, the possibilities of what you can accomplish through VR collaboration are unlimited. So, what are you waiting for?

In extreme detail, we are studying every factor contributing to creating productive, efficient, and inspiring training or meeting apps that fulfill your demands. If you need help developing a VR app for training or an industry-specific purpose, send an inquiry to contact@henesys3d.com.