Frequently Asked Questions

1How do we communicate?
Typically, we conduct video conferences to start consultations, and then provide you with regular milestone reports. Other methods of communication are available to our clients, such as phone calls or emails, are available to clients, as well.

Usually, the first consultation and milestone report will be through Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom, so we can demonstrate your app via a shared screen. You will also be on our Asana project team, so you’ll always be able to see our progress on your project in real-time.
2How do I pay for my project?
We will provide you with a quote for the whole project after our initial consultation, and installment payment options available to our clients, as well. Our services include management, design, development, technical writing, and support, all of which can be provided in the form of breakdown charts. Thanks to our offshore teams, we are confident in our ability to help you keep your project under budget.

Our preferred payment methods are PayPal, Square, Credit/Debit Card, or Bank Transfer, but other payment options may be considered, depending on client needs.
3Is it possible to make changes to the project after development has started?
You can always change your requirements for the project, and we will respond to your changing needs, but we may need to adjust the project’s cost. If you want to add features to your project, the quote for the project’s cost will be adjusted accordingly, and future installment amounts will reflect your these changes.

If you decide to cancel the project, or remove a future after it has been partially built by our team, there will be no refund on previously paid installments.

We always do our best to understand our clients’ needs through regular consultation and milestone updates, allowing us to provide you a quote without extra or future costs being added.
4How is the project developed and delivered?
We will provide you with regular milestone updates, either weekly or bi-weekly, or more frequently depending on your needs. We make sure you are always kept updated with the development progress being made on your project. The project will be presented to you via video conferencing, using either Zoom or Google Meet. We will provide you with a live demo of all your project’s fea€tures using screen share, and we will also provide you with documentation and a version control log. Corresponding installment payments will be made after each milestone demo.

When you are satisfied with the project, you can make the final installment payment, then GitHub project ownership will be transferred to you.

Any bugs found in our delivered version that are discovered after delivery will be fixed by us for free. We will also continue to support you by providing you with advice on dealing with technical issues free of charge.
5Do you provide technical support after delivery?
We will fix any bugs found in the delivered version for free. While we provide you with precise and professional documentation, along with reusable scripts, prefabs, and tools, if you discover any issues or bugs in our delivered version of the project, we will most certainly fix it for you. If you need more explanation of a particular aspect of the project, or some advice in order to continue working on the app without us, we can provide you with free advice sessions via video call, or other methods of communication. We are committed to providing our clients with an industry leading app development experience. Our long term commitment to your project doesn’t end on delivery.
6Is it possible to cancel the project and get a refund?
We value transparency in the payment process, and we provide our clients with various payment plans. If we have started work on your project, and we have developed certain features, we can’t refund your previously paid installments. However, we can cancel the project for you, and you won’t be required to pay any future installments.


Why do clients choose us?

Our goal is to provide you with the software development you need using Unity3D, whether you need a prototype or a complete app. Our targeted platforms include mobile, desktop, WebGL and VR devices.

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