Frequently Asked Questions

1How do we communicate?
We will communicate via video conferences.
2How do I pay for my project?
Credit Card, Debit Card and Cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Stellar Lumen, and more.
3Is it possible to make changes to the project requirements after development has started?
It is totally possible, but we won't refund the work that has been done. And we will adjust the quote accordingly.
4How is the project developed and delivered?
The project is developed by professional developers and designers, the project source code will be delivered as the final delivery.
5Do you provide technical support after delivery?
The project and the source code of the project is all yours, we don't own the project, and we won't manage or maintain the project for you for free. It's open for discussion if you need long term support. We would love to have long term relationships with our clients. We will provide you with quotes for the new updates.
6Is it possible to cancel the project and get a refund?
No, we won't refund the project if you decided to cancel it halfway. We will help you figure out the best solution in our initial meetings to make sure this won't happen.


Why do clients choose us?

Outsource your Unity projects development to us to save your time from hiring, managing and developing. So you can focus on growing your business.

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